Stripes for Dogs



A kinder approach to dog treating, featuring five delicious new combinations of vegan treats that are packed with added benefits. 

Treats are handcrafted to order and baked especially for your dog. 

Don't forget our Sweet Potato Chews too - dogs love them!


Spirulina, flaxseed; tiger nuts, turmeric; quinoa, charcoal; peanut butter, nutritional yeast; coconut...
Find out how these wonderful ingredients enhance our treats and how your dog can benefit from the power of nature.

"I will continue to order from you and will forget all the various treats we’ve tried from Ocado and Fetch, yours are definitely his favourite and I appreciate the quality."

Jeanne Thompson - London

Coconut & Nooch

Nooch is short for nutritional yeast, an amazing ingredient with a nutty, cheesy flavour. It is high in B vitamins and protein and is also an anti-inflammatory.
Coconut is another anti-inflammatory so this treat is ideal for the dog who is starting to exhibit signs of stiffness.
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Tiger Nut & Turmeric

Tiger Nuts are a great source ofresistant starch and high in vitamins and minerals. They are an anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric is also well known as an anti-inflammatory and has a fair amount of calcium and fibre. The recipe includes carrots which are high in beta-carotene.

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Spirulina & Peanut Butter

Spirulina contains the most remarkable concentration of nutrients known in any food. It has over 60% of all digestible vegetable protein. 
With a delicious layer of peanut butter to provide more protein and some healthy oils, these treats are loaded with goodness.
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Charcoal & Quinoa

Charcoal can remove many times it own weight of toxins, carrying them safely out of the system. Because of this it is frequently used for dogs to give them sweeter breathe and less flatulence. Quinoa is a genuine superfood - a complete protein and packed with fibre and minerals.

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Banana, Carob & Flaxseed

Carob is a safe version of chocolate for dogs. It is a non-dairy source of calcium and has a high amount of dietary fibre.

The carob is held between banana and flaxseed layers which provide potassium and anti inflammatories for coat shining, mood soothing benefits. 

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Chamomile & Pumpkin Seed

Relaxing mood soothers for stressed pups.

Chamomile is a sedative for dogs as well as humans. Along with Pumpkin Seeds, it works by increasing melatonin which aids in GABA formation - the brain's natural anxiety reliever.


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I love the idea of giving my dog healthy biscuits, and Claire’s lovely biscuits are full of goodness, plus that secret ingredient of LOVE which Claire puts into the products in bucket loads. Franny’s favourites are Turmeric & Carrot.

Zelda the Whippet absolutely loves Claire's treats! Just hearing the rustle of the packet and she's at my feet, going through all her tricks before I even have to ask. I love that they're handmade in small batches with fab and healthy ingredients, not too big or small either. Zelda is so in love with them, she takes her treat and trots off to eat it in private so she's not disturbed. She's not that protective over her other treats!! A big bonus too, packaging is eco friendly.


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